Altavita derives from the initial idea of “Alla Vita!”, ellipsis of “I toast to life!”. The meaning is strictly connected to the company name, which wants to be the testimonial of wellness values, as the lifestyle philosophy wide spreaded in the local territory. It is then, when the name evolves to indicate the company mission: to promote a high level life style, a top one, based on creation of a better future for individuals through the everyday care of one’s well being. The influence of the sea, rich hills, life enjoying and sympathy of the people living in a friendly land like Romagna – invites to toast to life, to a High level life – Altavita. The use of sustainable farming practices, healthy food and cooking, physical activity and positive thinking are values, reflected in the company and its wines. The cellar Altavita is intentionally unpretentious, reflecting the production of small series of wines, oil and other typical products of local territory.

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